Modern photovoltaic installation

Renewable energy sources are the present and the future, which is why our company has focused on modern solutions that allow you to draw energy from sunlight. Grot Meat Processing Plant as innovative and pro-ecologicalthe company has introduced pioneering solutions to obtain energy in an environmentally friendly way. A 1.2 MW terrestrial solar farm has been installed right behind the production plant.

An environmentally friendly company

The generated energy is fully used by the production plant

Environmentally friendly solutions

The most modern terrestrial photovoltaic installation

An in-house wastewater treatment plant using modern technological solutions

Apitherapy in our facility

Our company is known for unconventional ideas and a healthy approach to life, which is why the Apitherapy House operates in our company. As we know, the bee population is declining all the time, and bees are much-needed inhabitants of our planet. That’s why we combined pleasant and healthy with useful and decided to share some of our green area with bees. The apitherapy house has been operating for another year, and the bees are more and more active and doing well. To take advantage of the benefits of ulotherapy, just go inside, relax and breathe the bee air deeply. Apitherapy supports the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, heart or joints and, above all, has a calming effect.

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