Aneta, how long have you been working at ZPM “GROT”?

I have been working with the company since February 2014. I have been running the shop in Bartoka street since May 2nd, 2014.


Did you have any experience in the meat industry before?

I did. Generally speaking, my family has always had something to do with the meat trade. My grandfather was a butcher. My mother worked in the trade for her entire professional life. Once she was even manager of a shop selling meat and cold meats. My mother opened her own shop in 1988, which she had taken over from the “Społem” Cooperative. When I was in secondary school, she started to teach me the profession. During the week I was attending school and I helped my mother in her shop at weekends. This is how I became interested in trade. And so I have been working like this ever since.


I had some experience when I started. How did you come to us?

I was looking for an interesting job, that is why I sent my CV to many companies. I told myself that I did not want to run my own business, never again. On an online portal I found an announcement that a renowned company was looking for coordinators, so I modified my CV and decided to go and apply for the job. At the company, an interview was already in progress. Because I had another interview planned in about an hour, for a position in a food discount store as manager, I left my CV in the secretary’s office and said: “Please call me if you find my CV interesting”. And I left.


And what happened then?

After a few days, the person responsible for recruitment in the company phoned me and informed that I was invited for a job interview.


How did it go?

Quite well. During the meeting, it was suggested that with my CV I should rather be thinking about taking over a shop on a franchise basis. I replied that I could not afford to fit out a shop and purchase the required equipment, and left.


So what happened that we are now talking in your own shop?

A day later I was called again with the question as to whether I would like to go as a temporary replacement to a shop in Tuszyn for a few months. I thought to myself that I would like to give it a try. I went there and so it began. I liked the job, I liked arranging the counter, everything in its place, the contact with customers. I thought that this was what I liked and what I wanted to do. After three months of work as a sales assistant I decided to start my own shop.


OK. One thing is not clear. You mentioned that you did not want to open and run your own business . But this is one of the fundamental conditions of a franchise agreement. What made you change your mind?

The support I received from the company. It turned out to be significant. And I’m talking about assistance with fitting out the shop and rebranding. Moreover, I know I can always count on their marketing support. Frequent training for employees, promotions. The coordinators are always there to help me. And the most important thing are the products. They are well-known and recognisable in the market. And they are delicious.


What are your plans for the future?

I always want my customers to be satisfied and want to see a smile on their faces, that is why I’m uncompromising as regards the quality of service. It has to be perfect. For the time being, I have enough tasks to work on in my own shop. I don’t think much about the future. I’m focusing on the here and now. However, I would be lying if I said I never have any thoughts about opening another shop one day in the future.


Aneta, let’s sum up our conversation. Is it worth accepting an offer from the company?

Definitely yes. I love what I do. I am fulfilled professionally. What is important is that running my own business has made me financially secure. I have no reasons to complain.


Thank you for the interview and we wish you further success.

Thank you.