The dynamic development of the GROT network is an effect of the high quality of the products, an extensive commercial offer and the rules of the partnership with franchisees based on cooperation and continuous growth. We approach each of our licence holders individually. We combine the independence of running your own business with the safety provided by the support of a large company. We operate according to a proven financial model which enables to be successful. Our franchise shops already operate in Lodz, Zgierz, Bełchatów, Sieradz, Warsaw, Opole, Zduńska Wola and Tuszyn.

Who are we looking for?

Running a delicatessen is an opportunity for ambitious people who are not afraid of challenges. It requires a lot of enthusiasm, flexibility of action and knowledge. Therefore, we are looking for entrepreneurial, energetic and conscientious people. Experience in running a store or your own business is definitely helpful.

What do we offer?

Support at the beginning:
• assistance in the preparation of a new store or adaptation of an already existing outlet,
• fitting design and arrangement of the new sales point,
• training for the staff,
• the coordinator’s support during the initial stage of shop operation and throughout the entire period of parnership.

Training for staff

We provide specialist training in the scope of running a delicatessen, which includes:

• sales and customer service standards,
• knowledge of meat products,
• counter planogram – products, their grade and place on the counter,
• counter aesthetics and the sales assistant’s role in the sales process,
• everything about meat, cold meats and foodstuffs.

Marketing Support

• branding of the sale point in compliance with the standards accepted by and applicable in the company,
• company clothingfor the staff,
• price tags,
• marketing and PR activities,
• product and image campaigns,
• billboards, press, local TV, radio, tastings,
• POS support: posters, leaflets, gadgets.



Zakład Przetwórstwa Mięsnego GROT sp.j.
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