Meat Processing Plant GROT L.L.C was established on 13 December 1990 in Poland, in Starowa Góra near Łódź. We produce cold meat and delicatessen products.  We have a very wide range of products from smoked meats, sausages, poultry products, delicatessen products to ready meals such as dumplings and croquettes.

Our mission is to provide products of the highest quality made from meat from Polish breeders. We produce products that are both tasty and safe for health.
We adhere to the “clean label” principle, i.e. as few functional additives as possible in our products. The Grot brand consists primarily of traditional products made using the highest quality meat, natural spices and exclusively Polish raw materials. We currently have a modern production facility where the technological and sanitary conditions meet the highest requirements of the European Union.

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Meat Processing Plant GROT L.L.C as one of the most modern companies in the meat industry, focuses on innovative solutions that use energy from sunlight. Thanks to a modern solar farm, we obtain electricity in an environmentally friendly way.

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